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Assorted works of incredible depth and uncanny perception

Welcome to my humble website, through which I've endeavored to offer a selection of my writings for your amusement. A list of titles is at the left of your screen, and my ugly mug and a little information about me is at the right.

Most of the stories on these pages are columns I have written for various publications. Some are not. Many of them you will find humorous, I hope. Some are not supposed to be funny, and if you laugh at them . . . well, that's okay too.

If one or more of these pieces strikes your fancy, and you deem them suitable for your own publication, let me know. I'm sure something can be worked out.

As with life in general and writing in particular, this website is a work in progress. I'll be updating it regularly and adding more of my stuff and various other tidbits I find entertaining.

So stay late and write often. There's more to come.

-- Tim

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Tim Hinshaw

Tim Hinshaw is an Oregon-based writer and editor whose eclectic career has taken him through stints as a newspaper reporter, editor and publisher; a New Orleans tour guide; an Alaska salmon boat foreman; taxi driver; soldier; musician; and general life wanderer. He lives in Salem and has a son, Matt, who is a senior at Oregon State University. Go Beavers!

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